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Tree felling


We handle all your tree felling and removals needs, including but not limited to root and branch removal or removal of and entire tree. Our felling may be totally or partial.

We do not have anywhere we rule out as inaccessible, we always deploy innovation to each task in order to complete the task in time using minimal effort and less exposure to risk.

Stump removal


A tree stump interjects the beauty of your landscape and can also be hazardous. It can develop to new sprouts, attract insects and take up space in your garden.

As is such, we take it upon ourselves to uproot all stumps manually through digging on soft ground. After we are done we always level up the ground to give the landscape a good look.

Tree pruning


We help your trees stay beautiful and produce fruit or flowers by pruning them and also giving them shape. We keep your landscape safe by removing dead branches from your trees.

We also offer cleanup services of those excess branches that shed of unnecessary amounts of leaves which end up littering your lawn or drive way. Trimming is good practice to maintain healthy trees in your yard.

emergency felling


Randburg Tree Felling is always on standby to assist you in cases of emergency where you need to get rid of a tree or part of it to prevent a potential accident eg. fallen tree.

Do not find yourself stuck, give us a ring if you feel that a tree maybe put lives in danger and we will be there to alleviate the hazard eg. trees with rotten trunks or lose hanging branches.

Garden maintenance


We are passionate and hands-on when it comes to taking care of gardens because we love gardens. Our care starts from flower beds, lawns, orchards and aquatic  plants.

Our team is also trained in landscaping to give you garden a makeover and a green look all year round via installation of sprinkler systems and hedge trimming.

Clearing and dumping


We offer excellent clean up services for tree felling residue, civil works, lawn and flower trimming. We dispose the off cuts by approved environment friendly standards.

Don’t litter your yard with otherwise disposable green waste from your monthly or yearly trimming, we are here to worry about that litter on your behalf, just give us a call and we will be there ready.


Quick Service On Emergency Call - 24/7

Do you have a tree that needs to be dealt with urgently, give us a call right now and we will be on the spot for your service.

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