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Serving Our Clients For Over 10 Years

We are reliable and consistent to our customers in the tree felling service provision and we value  creating long term relationships with our customers and leading players in the industry.

Our tree fellers can advise and assist you on which trees to remove, know what machinery to use, where to cut and how to attend to tree roots in the locality of pipes and electrical systems.

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About Us

We Are A Group Of Professional Tree fellers

We are a Certified and approved Tree Felling and Garden services provider  in Johannesburg and beyond. Our exceptional service is affordable and we guarantee no damage to your property.

We have been providing our services in and around Johannesburg area for more than 10 years both Residential & Commercial Tree Felling.


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Tree felling

We handle all your tree felling and removals needs, including but not limited to root and branch removal or removal of and entire tree. Our felling may be totally or partial.

Stump removal

A tree stump interjects the beauty of your landscape and can also be hazardous. It can develop to new sprouts, attract insects and take up space in your garden.

tree pruning

We help your trees stay beautiful and produce fruit or flowers by pruning them and also giving them shape. We keep your landscape safe by removing dead branches from your trees.

emergency felling

Randburg Tree Felling is always on standby to assist you in cases of emergency where you need to get rid of a tree or part of it to prevent a potential accident eg. fallen tree.

garden maintenance

We are passionate and hands-on when it comes to taking care of gardens because we love gardens. Our care starts from flower beds, lawns, orchards and aquatic  plants.

clearing and dumping

We offer excellent clean up services for tree felling residue, civil works, lawn and flower trimming. We dispose the off cuts by approved environment friendly standards.


We take pride in our own work and we draw motivation from our 500+ satisfied customers. Here is what some of them had to say about the phenomenal service we rendered to them.

After a windy weather, the oldest tree in our yard fell over the garage and almost broke it in half, thanks to the Randburg Tree Felling who came to the rescue in time before the gigantic tree crushed our garage. Grateful 🙌🙌
Donald Hunter
There are lot of tree fellers in Randburg and they all do quite well how ever Randburg Tree Felling crew have a unique touch totree felling, they do a clean job you can barely notice any left over dirt.
Mike Hughes
Randburg Tree Felling are the bomb, i have since called them over for the past 2 years after they impressed me with their tree maintenance that is second to none plus their stuff is professional and friendly.💕

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Do you have a tree that needs to be dealt with urgently, give us a call right now and we will be on the spot for your service.

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